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New! 360 Spherical Panoramas


Try out some immersive Blender demos using the Google Spatial Media module

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Reading data: Basic ASCII files

Stellar Catalog

Learn to read in ASCII catalogs files and create a 3D rendering of the data

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Rendering Data Cubes

3D Transparent Imaging

Learn about the Voxel data construct in Blender and how to render a 3D transparent data cube.

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Martian Surface

Terrain Mapping

Use the mapping and displacement tools to create a 3D map of Olympus Mons from Mars imaging data.

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Using the Blender Physics Engine

Rigid Body Physics Example

A fun example showing some of the interesting features of the Blender Physics Engine.

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Magnetic Fields

Rendering Tools

Solve for and render the vector potential of a current loop.

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N-Body Simulations

Colliding Galaxies

Rendering an N-body simulation

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