At the behest of my brother Adrian, I wrote up some things that I was and was not doing during the enforced stay at home in March/April 2020. I wrote some text and sent it in email. However, I thought I'd put the comments on my old home page using old technology rather than finding out how to use the modern social media. This really isn't meant to be generally available. It's in an obscure location so that I don't have to research access permissions. So feel free to read about the mundane details of our stay-at-home sequestration. Also feel free to share these pages, but please don't let them get to social media: Facebook, etc.

The rest of my comments relate mainly to my involvement in naturalist activities. They are mainly stream-of-consciousness; they were not written to submit for an essay prize!

Note that I have also included some comments which I had circulated last year and earlier this year to round out the subject matter a little.

I am still involved to a lesser degree with animal rescue. This has largely taken a back seat to my naturalist activities in the last 12 months. Grant applications have already reached the approved level of funding allocated for non-profits in the CARES legislation. Please consider a donation if you have liquidity available. Requests for animal transports have undertandibly dried up during the covid pandemic sequestration, but I know that all of them require cash to keep them afloat; donations will certainly be welcomed by these groups.

Finally, while I have been required to stay at home, I have also persued some other random matters. These are a few disparate subjects that I have been interested in, but which I did not find time for in the last years leading up to retirement. The common theme is that they all are new or have had updates, some of which I missed, in the last few years. I have just polished my notes from the last year or so for inclusion here.

Last updated: 23 April 2020