Tail Imaging Survey

On-going Research: An Imaging Survey of Tidal Tails

John Hibbard, NRAO

Preliminary results of an R- and K-band imaging survey of UGC systems with tidal tails, plumes, shells, bridges, etc.

The goal of this survey is to image a representative sample of nearby peculiars (~150 galaxies) in R- and K-bands to be used to define a "morphological parameter space" for peculiars (tail lengths, luminosities, etc. as a function of mass ratio, separation, etc.). The local sample is drawn from a large optically defined sample of ~600 peculiars chosen from the UGC. A subset of ~75 of these will additionally be imaged in UBV. These data will be used to:

Results of Quirc Runs

Results of Optical Runs

Wish List

BVR-band imaging with UH 88" Tek2048 600-900sec exposures, f/10 giving 0.22"/pix unbinned and 7.5' FOV. K'-band with UH 88" QUIRC 1024 CCD, 360sec exposures, f/10 giving 0.183"/pix unbinned and 3' FOV. U-band are 1200s from Steward 90" (C. Liu) or 1800s from Palomar 60" (L. Armus).
Gifs of individual objects and permission to reproduce are available upon request (email jhibbard @ nrao.edu). Please do not ask for the fits files, unless you would like to collaborate. Data will be made publically available via NED once above projects are completed.

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