Links to pictures of NGC 1614 = Arp 186 = Mrk 617

John Hibbard, NRAO

.gifs (unless otherwise noted) of work in progress.
Figure to your left is a 900sec B-band image, taken on 18nov96 on the UH 88".
Details on the observations can be found in HI in IR Luminous Mergers (Hibbard \& Yun 1998, in preparation). Brief discription of the HI and R-band light of this system can be found in Hibbard & Yun, 1996. The galaxy is in a rather messy region of the sky, optically speaking, and had to be massaged to get at the faint light. To get an idea of this, see the before and after images. I refer to the "after" image as the cleaned image in the following.
Other figures:

The HI data were obtained at the VLA in 9/94 (CnB array) & 1/95 (DnC array).
Deep R image obtained from the UH 88" in 6/95 and 11/95
Halpha data obtained from the UH 88" in 11/95
B,V images obtained from the UH 88" in 11/96

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