Links to pictures of NGC 2623 = Arp243 = UGC 4509 = VV79

John Hibbard, NRAO

.gifs (unless otherwise noted) of work in progress.
Details on the observations can be found in HI in IR Luminous Mergers (Hibbard \& Yun 1998, in preparation). Brief discription of the HI and R-band light of this system can be found in Hibbard & Yun, 1996.

Other figures:

The HI data were obtained at the VLA in 12/94 (C-array) & 4/95 (D-array).
R image from the DSS
Deep R image obtained from the UH 88" in 6/95
B,R colors from the KPNO 0.9m in 10/92
Halpha image from the UH 88" in 11/95

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