ADASS 2002 Trip Report

Oral Presentations

Data Management

  • DM for the LSST: 3 Gpixel camera (!), huge data rates. IDE disks (not tapes). Petabyte $100k in 5 years (2000 disks). Hardware, Storage resources scale fine; algorithms, data-management are tougher.

  • Microlensing Surveys: (MACHO)... serendipity. Tried to let others into their DB, failed. Make data portable, let it be re-re-re-reduced!

  • Raptor/LLNL: "I don't recommend over-specified projects" (!) minimalistic, but produced results.

  • DM for the VO: CADC: Jini (service discovery). 1800 astronomical quantities... rationalize these. Hide engineering terminology via abstraction

  • NRAO E2E (Tim): Spiral development, mixed results. Involving scientists is hard! (Talk went over well)

  • HDX Data Model: supplements FITS, VOTable.

ADASS 2002 Trip Report
Pat Murphy