Electronic Mail Netiquette


Alternatives to E-Mail

  • Publish it on the Web:

    • On Unix, use the /users/username/public_html/ directory.

    • On NT, use the \\polaris\username share, put files in the pubic_html folder.

    • URL will be: http://www.cv.nrao.edu/~username/myfile

    • index.html (or index.shtml) in this area is your "work page". No such file means anyone can do a directory listing on the area.

  • Use a binary protocol like FTP:

    • /home/ftp/NRAO-staff/username/
      (ask a sysadmin to set this up if it's not already there)

    • On NT, use the //polaris/ftp-user share (or //polaris/ftp-staff)

    • Access instructions for your colleagues:
      • connect to ftp.cv.nrao.edu
      • cd to /NRAO-staff/username
      • bin (if content is not plain text)
      • get myfile


NRAO/CV Computer Lunch: 1999-09-15
Pat Murphy