Basic File and Directory Navigation


  • One FileSystem (to rule them all), starts with root dir /

  • Standard locations: /usr, /var, /etc, /tmp, /bin on all Unix/Linux systems

  • Different disks (= drives), partitions "mounted" on directories within the filesystem

  • Everything is a file (devices too).

  • Network File System (NFS): mount a server's disk. Everything in the One FileSystem!

  • Shell (terminal, xterm) commands used to navigate (more powerful than DOS commands)

  • Graphical Browsers (Gnome, KDE) used to browse the One FileSystem

  • Automounter to explore other clients, servers "on demand" (not there till asked for!):
    • autofs: predefined set of mount points, e.g. /users/pmurphy or /home/aips or /DATA/BONOBO_1
    • amd: more like "network neighbourhood": /net/bonobo/ shows all "exported" filesystems on host bonobo.

Basic File and Directory Navigation
Pat Murphy