Basic File and Directory Navigation

What & Where?

  • NetApp (cvfiler): centralized, redundant, backed-up storage

  • Samba Server (samba-cv, samba-gb, etc): show Linux/Unix filesystems (including NFS-mounted ones) to Windows users.

  • Standard locations for Unix/NFS and Samba/Windows defined by CCE.

  • CV Computing pages have more info; subset shown below.
What Windows Location Linux LocationMachine
Home Directory \\samba-cv\pmurphy\ /users/pmurphy/ cvfiler
CV Windows Shares \\cvfiler\ /home/cvshares/ cvfiler
Your Web Area \\samba-cv\public_html\ ~/public_html/ quordlepleen
Your FTP Area \\samba-cv\ftp-user\ /home/ftp/pmurphy/ donar
NRAO main Web Server \\samba-cv\www.nrao.edu\ /home/www.nrao.edu/ quordlepleen
NRAO CV Web Server \\samba-cv\www.cv.nrao.edu\ /home/www.cv.nrao.edu/ quordlepleen
Another user's home \\samba-cv\users\ghunt\ /users/ghunt/ cvfiler

Basic File and Directory Navigation
Pat Murphy