NRAO System Admin Meeting: CV Overview

What We Have

  • Computer Room:

    • Polaris (login server) and Sirius (file server)
    • Kochab (ftp/majordomo/aips) - replace with new web server
    • Eagle - NT server
    • Many (mostly Linux) dedicated servers

  • The AIPS and "Single Dish" Caiges:

    • Vulcan and Valen: Intel/Linux workhorses
    • Hominid: Alpha/Tru64 workhorse (older)
    • Lemur: Solaris, tape server of sorts
    • Tektronix Phaser color printer
    • Mandrill (Alpha Linux, poor orphan)
    • Gibbon: Solaris, web server, replace with Linux web/ftp server
    • Astral: HP, US-Navy system (grant)

  • Ivy Road:

    • Nucleus (Sparc Server, their "polaris")
    • Quetzal: HP, dedicated system

  • Other Public Systems: Library (1 Ultra, 2 NT PC's), VideoConf (1 NT, soon to be dual boot), Vangogh (Sparc), Siamang (Alpha), Purgatory (Sparc)

  • Desktops: Linux (21+), NT (lots), Solaris (13-)

  • Printers:

    • ps1: HP LJ5: big, duplex, first floor
    • ps1tek560: Color, transparencies (money pit), AIPS Caige
    • ps2: HP LJ5: big, duplex, second floor
    • ps3: HP LJ5000: big, duplex, third floor (library)
    • ps3tiny: (on loan to GB) light duty printer, third floor (library)
    • psir1plot: widebed color poster printer, Ivy Road
    • irhplj5k: HP LJ 5000, Ivy Road
    • irtek760: Tek 760 Color printer, Ivy Road

NRAO System Admin Meeting: CV Overview
Pat Murphy