[NRAO][TUNA]Past Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks
an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current 
projects or astronomical news

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Fall 2001
Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, September 11 Birgit Otte
Johns Hopkins University
"Searching for Additional Heating in the Diffuse Ionized Gas in Galaxies"
Tuesday, October 2 Gregory Fleishman
Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute
"Ultra-low-frequency background radiation of the Galaxy"
Tuesday, October 9 Thomas Reiprich
University of Virginia
"Cosmological Implications from the X-Ray Brightest Galaxy Clusters in the Sky"
Tuesday, October 30 Jim Ulvestad
"Radio Emission in Low-Luminosity AGNs: Jets, Accretion Flows, or Both?"
Tuesday, November 6 Barry Geldzahler
"The Now and Future Deep Space Network."
Tuesday, November 13 Motokazu Takizawa
University of Virginia
"Radio Halo Formation through Magneto-Turbulent Particle Acceleration in Clusters of Galaxies".
These talks were organized by Dan Homan.
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