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an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current projects or astronomical news

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Spring/Summer 2001
Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, January 16
Chris Carilli
VLA and MAMBO Observations of High Redshift Star Forming Galaxies
Tuesday, January 23
Anish Roshi
NRAO-Green Bank
Comparison of Pre- and Post-Correlation RFI Cancellation
Tuesday, February 6
Paul Ricker
University of Chicago
The Structure of Self-Gravitating Hydrodynamic Turbulence
Tuesday, February 13
Chris Conselice
The Physical Evolution of Galaxies
Wednesday, February 14
NOTE: Special Day
Richard de Grijs
A Search for Supernova Remnants in Super Star Clusters: NGC 1569
Tuesday, February 20
Jay Lockman & Sue Ann Heatherly
NRAO-Green Bank
The New Green Bank Astronomy Education Center
Friday, February 23
NOTE: Special Day
Wendy Lane
Naval Research Laboratory
HI Absorption at Moderate Redshifts
Tuesday, February 27
Michael Siegel
The Shape of the Galaxy
Tuesday, March 6
Jean Kovalevski
Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur
From Hipparcos to Gaia
Tuesday, March 13
Henrique Schmitt
Testing the Unified Model with an Infrared Selected Sample of Seyfert Galaxies
Tuesday, March 20
Patricia Knezek
Where Are Stars Forming in the Local Universe? (Adding Some Fuel to the Fire)
Tuesday, March 27
Sandor Molnar
Goddard Space Flight Center
A Search for Large Scale Diffuse X-ray Emission in the Shapley Supercluster
Tuesday, April 3
Juan Uson
Supernova 1993J
Thursday, April 12
NOTE: Special Day
Thomas A. Sebring
SOAR Project
Telescope Building in Chile: The SOAR Telescope and the CAT
Tuesday, April 17
NOTE: Special Time and Location: 12:30pm, 2015 Ivy Rd., Room 228
Seog-Tae Han
Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory
Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory and Its Dual Channel SIS Receiver System for 100 and 150 GHz Radio Astronomical Observations (abstract)
Tuesday, April 24
Robert Coker
University of Leeds
The Central Parsecs of the Milky Way: BHs and SNe and WRs, Oh My!
Tuesday, May 8
Edward Colbert
Johns Hopkins
Intermediate-Luminosity X-ray Objects: Accreting Intermediate-Mass Black Holes?
Tuesday, May 15
Tom Wilson
Steward Observatory
Submm CO Line Images of Orion with a 13" Resolution and Observational Radio Astronomy in Tucson
Tuesday, May 22
Yutaka Fujita
National Astronomical Observatory, Tokyo and UVa
Ram-Pressure Stripping of Galaxies in Clusters: Star Formation and Redshift Evolution
Tuesday, May 29
Rick Fisher
NRAO-Green Bank
Radar Interference to the GBT at 1296 MHz: Imaging the Terrain around Green Bank
Wednesday, May 30
NOTE: Special Day
Travis Rector
Unification of Radio-Loud AGN; The BL LAC Perspective
Tuesday, July 31
NRAO Summer Students
Research Presentations
Wednesday, August 15
NOTE: Special Day
Yu Gao
Star Formation Rate and Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxies
These talks were organized by Lynn Matthews.

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