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Phone Meeting 2004-February-27

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Old Business --

  Welcome of Min Su Yun as new Chairman (Crutcher)
   Agenda of 30 January 2004 meeting.

New Business -- Agenda

1.  ALMA Project News (Wootten)

ALMA  Workshop 14-15 May 2004  Meeting Web Page

NSF bimonthly report  of the Science IPT
Tokyo miniminiALMAWeek.   ACA Project Plan Document
Communications  Newsletter
Science IPT   Calibration    
                   -  Draft Bandpass Calibration Memo.
                   - Very drafty Calibration plan.
                    - The Calibration Specs and Reqs August 03 Version(Wootten) now in almaedm as a Change Request for PB Chapter 3
                      Note that this is a major component of our miniALMA week activity.  Also System Design Review  System Design document.
                    - Plan for further tests of amplitude calibration devices

2.  ASAC  -- meeting date set,   charges from the Board (Mundy)

3.  Discussion topic-- ALMA  Workshop 14-15 May 2004

ALMA Calendar

ANASAC Membership:
Andrew Blain
 Chris Carilli
 Dick Crutcher
 David Hollenbach
 Jason Glenn
 Dan Jaffee
 Luis Rodriguez
 Dave Sanders
 Xiaohui Fan
 Christine Wilson
 Lee Mundy
 Jean Turner
 Min Yun
 Phil Myers
 Doug Johnstone 
 Mark Gurwell
 Joan Najita

See ImCal and Calibration for background information on some of the above items.

Upcoming Meetings - Wootten

Astronomical Polarimetry - Current Status and Future Directions March 15-19, 2004. Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Hawaii.

ALMA Workshop May 14-15, University of Maryland

Exploring the Cosmic Frontier: Astrophysical Instruments for the 21st Century   18-21 May 2004 Berlin, Germany

Cores, Disks, Jets & Outflows in Low & High Mass Star Forming Environments: Observations, Theory and Simulations  July 12-16, 2004  Banff, Alberta, Canada

The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Beginnings   2004 October 4-8  Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile

Dusty and Molecular Universe  27-29 October 2004, Paris

Protostars and Planets V  24 - 28 October 2005  Hilton Waikoloa Village, The Big Island, Hawaii