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Phone Meeting 2004-October-19

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Old Business

The enhanced Agenda from last month's meeting is available.  Science IPT notes from month before last's telecon.
Action items from previous Science telecons:

ALMA Week:  [Wootten]Provide detailed values on solar filter to FEND by 30 April .   These values will be adopted.
                        [Laing] Develop a requirement for stitching together the BEND 2 GHz sections for overlap.      In process; see comments at CRE22, which lead to a further linked document on this subject by Comoretto, Butler and others.  CDR is 18-19 October
                        [with SE]  Decide when antennas are handed over to Commissioning (after 1st light or 1st fringes?) 6-01-04 The Plan has this happening after first light at the OSF for Optical telescope pointing. [See CSV Wiki]   

             MILESTONES: all leaders of level 3 milestones with upcoming deadlines to report on status.  The Milestones, with project number, are available updated for last month.

New Business -- Agenda

 ALMA Calendar 

LAMA Memo Series  has  new inhabitants, and a new director!

Project news/updates (Wootten and Wilson)
     * JAO Positions PS job description still needs applicants... (Wootten) 
     * ASAC Meeting.  Agenda.
     * AMAC Meeting.  
     * CCB  approved a number of ICDs but has rejected the Sci Specs and Reqs twice since last meeting.
                                  Science Specifications and Requirements to be considered soon.  This has been reformatted substantially; comment please immediately.
                                             Especially, discussion of ALMA image dynamic range.
                                  System Design Description to be discussed.  Comment please immediately.
     *Tunable Filter PDR under way in Bordeaux

Reports from Subgroups

   -1 Project Scientists (see also above)  See ALMA Science IPT wiki page.  Science IPT quarterly report.
       * News from Japan (Kawabe)
       * ARCs.   Report on ESAC Meeting, ESO Community Day (Wilson)
       * NRAO  Newsletter  on ALMA; biweekly calendar.
       * ESO Newsletter
  -2. Configurations (Conway)   -3 Calibration (Mangum)    See ALMA Science IPT Calibration Group wiki page, with Minutes of the 14 October telecon.
      - Note the Calibration Document roadmap.
      - The Requirements and Specifications is under revision for its appearance before the CCB.
      - Plan for further tests of amplitude calibration devices:   Progress is reported to be on schedule (Wilson or Martin-Pintado)

     -4.Design Reference Science Plan (Hogerheijde )
       - This was used to estimate science needs for image dynamic range specifications.

    -5 Imaging (Holdaway)  
        -   The ASAC requested a set of simulations to help them address their Charge No. 1.
        -   Report of ALMA-J imaging effort
            Tak Tsutsumi has carried out imaging simulations for ACA + ALMA mosaicing for ALMA as the final number of antennas is approached.                                           Preliminary  results can be found at the below URL:

   -6. SSR (Lucas)
      -  Minutes of this month's meeting. 
      - SSR meeting held 11-12 Oct in Garching
      - Work on ACA specific requirements started
      - Making progress on detailed requirements (per subsystem)

    -7 Site (Radford, Nyman)
         -   Plan for the next phase

   -8 Operations, Science Commissioning and Verification (Laing)

       -  ALMA Commissioning and Science Verification Wiki-- Laing, Emerson, Chandler, Lucas, Mangum, Shepherd, Wilson, Wootten, Saito, Morita, Kawabe
       -  CSV Planning underway. 
       -  Early Draft of ALMA Early Science Modes
  -9  Any Other Matters Arising

See EVLA Memo No. 84 'Solving for antenna based pointing errors' for your interest.
            - Some have asked what the ALMA Band requirements actually are, so from the adopted system technical requirements here is a table:
       ALMA Bands       

Upcoming Meetings

    Upcoming Meetings - Wootten

Dusty and Molecular Universe  27-29 October 2004, Paris

IAU Symposium 227 Massive Star Birth: A Crossroads of Astrophysics May 16-20 2005, Acireale, Italy

Astrochemistry throughout the Universe: Recent Successes and Current Challenges 2005 August 29 - September 2;  Asilomar, California

Protostars and Planets V  24 - 28 October 2005  Hilton Waikoloa Village, The Big Island, Hawaii

URSI General Assembly  23-29 October 2005; New Delhi, India;  "Mm/submm Techniques and Science" session 25-26 Oct.