Directories and NRAOs Future

Directory Basics

  • Three-tier: external, meta- (glue), and special purpose (NIS etc).

  • X.500 past, LDAP present and future

  • The problem: 187 separate directories for user info, e.g.:

    • Computer Account pmurphy (three: Unix, NT, AS400)
    • Personnel: RAO #2102 etc.
    • Mail aliases: pmurphy@orangutan
    • Fiscal: Purchasing, Payroll, etc.
    • Phonebook!
    • Library info
    • (Snail) mailing lists, etc.

  • Synchronization, Distributed entry, related entries, are problems.

  • Meta-directory can "glue" things together; short-term solution, migration tool to more unified environment.


Directories and NRAOs Future
Pat Murphy