Directories and NRAOs Future

Proposed Testbed Deployment: Phone Book

  • We're already using a poor man's "directory":
    • The Phonebook is used to generate mailing lists, web page links, dialin modem authentication, and web server redirects automatically, right now.
    • In principle, this info could be used for mail aliases, then (later) login records for Unix and NT.
    • Existing Phone Directory flat-text-and-Fortran-programs not strong enough; need a real LDAP directory/server.

  • Long term goal: Personnel, Fiscal, Payroll, Purchasing?

  • Ideal: one directory. Realistic: fewer than we have now!

  • AVOID TURF WARS! Any group that plans a directory deployment HAS to have top-level buy-in from ALL groups in the Observatory, and enough funding to do the job.


Directories and NRAOs Future
Pat Murphy