NRAO's Web Presence

NRAO's Current Servers

Official Servers (From East to West)

  • www.aui.edu, auidom, Intel/Linux P-III/600, co-located in Charlottesville. AUI Corporate Server.

  • www.nrao.edu, gibbon, an aging Sparc-20 in Charlottesville; our main portal.

  • www.cv.nrao.edu, virtual server also on gibbon. Hosts the NVSS and FIRST surveys, and an ALMA mirror.

  • www.gb.nrao.edu, sadira, a Sparc Ultra in Green Bank. Hosts some modest size surveys (to be mirrored in CV?)

  • www.aoc.nrao.edu, zia, a Sparc Ultra Server in Socorro. Hosts the VLA and VLBA sites, and more.

  • www.alma.nrao.edu, celeste, a P-II 400 in Socorro; NRAO's primary ALMA mirror (also gibbon).

  • aips2.nrao.edu, tarzan, a Sparc Ultra 10 (?) in Socorro; hosts AIPS++ presence.

  • www.tuc.nrao.edu, heineken, a Sparc Ultra 10 in Tucson.


NRAO's Web Presence
Pat Murphy