NRAO's Web Presence

Integration and Mirroring


  • First proposed in 1999 as part of the web page redesign

  • Round Robin DNS and rdist/rsync/CVSup mirroring viewed as a reasonable approach

  • Progress Stalled: funding, politics, lack of hardware, lack of official web staff, haphazard approach, uncertain scope?

  • CV and AOC are likely candidates for such mirroring; TUC also (perhaps later), GB questionable (at least for giving outside users access, due to current network topology).


  • Should we integrate our content under the www.nrao.edu umbrella?

  • Migrate content gradually from www.<site>.nrao.edu?

  • Which sites? CV, GB, AOC, TUC, AIPS2? ALMA? Not AUI.

  • Should this be done via temporary redirects (breaks mirroring in spirit)?


NRAO's Web Presence
Pat Murphy