NRAO's Web Presence

A Thin Veneer

  • Through nefarious means (duct tape), we have the beginnings of a veneer of uniformity:

    • Automatic redirection of www.nrao.edu/~user/ via the findhomes.pl script;
    • The "gold" top and second tier pages created last year;
    • The phonebook database and search page;
    • Determined efforts by a few brave souls (!) to make the above work.

  • Continued deployment of the web page redesign has not yet propagated down to the third tier.

  • Apart from the tier 1 & 2 redesign effort last year, any appearance of uniformity has been implemented in ad hoc ways (kludges).

  • We need to do better. The Web is our Store Front / Parade Float.


NRAO's Web Presence
Pat Murphy