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If you got here, you're probably wondering why you see a bunch of additional links on the menu of my page when you're at NRAO, but can't see them from elsewhere (home, hotel, other University or Institution). That's because I use a little trick to figure out where you are (currently via IP address and server side includes: in the future, by whether you're logged in to NRAO or not), and I show extra links if you're "in" and not if you're "out".

There are several of my old lunch talks that are only available to NRAO staff. I use the same technique on my Lunch Talks page.

Contact me (in person preferably) if you'd like to know how to do this on your own pages. It's not hard. But be warned: this way of separating "internal" content from public content is deprecated; soon there will be areas on the Staff Web Server for staff-only "personal" content.
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