Firefox and Thunderbird

Firefox Features

  • Fonts anti-aliased, tabbed browsing, themes, instant text zooming, big image "make fit", customizable bars (right click on top bar, choose "Customize")

  • Memory Footprint: substantially smaller, faster startup time

  • Firefox Extensions: make it even better (see next slide)

  • Stability: smaller program, fewer crashes (hugely popular, more shakedown)

  • [Firefox Download Manager] Easier Downloads: full-fledged Download Manager.

  • Security: Popup blocking, fine-grained javascript control
  • Some sites still only work in IE (Customer feedback will change this)

  • IE still required for things like Windows Update

  • Intense use shows v1.0 still has some memory leaks (workaround: daily restart)


  • Use Firefox as much as possible, revert to IE only when strictly necessary.


Firefox and Thunderbird
Pat Murphy