Firefox and Thunderbird


[Mozilla Thunderbird Logo]

  • CAVEAT: Author uses Thunderbird occasionally (still tied to vm!)

  • Thunderbird is a redesign of Mozilla Mail

  • Integrates smoothly with Firefox; built-in Spell Checker!

  • Faster, smaller memory footprint than Mozilla

  • "Bayesian" Junk Mail Filter, "Junk" button; also Message Filters (example).

  • Customizable toolbar, Extensions, and Themes (like Firefox), e.g. EnigMail

  • Multiple Accounts are supported; IMAP/POP3 over SSL (or not, if you must)

  • Security: Fine-grain control over javascript, images in mail; more secure than Outlook.


  • Thunderbird not "integrated" with calendar like outlook

  • However, Mozilla Calendar (aka Sunbird) aims to meet this need (soon).


Firefox and Thunderbird
Pat Murphy