Firefox and Thunderbird


  • Firefox and Thunderbird improve significantly over Mozilla

  • Functionality: Tabs, Junk Filter

  • Extensibility: Adblock, Web Developer, EnigMail, etc.

  • Security: cuts out spyware, popups, viral infections
    IE and Outlook are vectors for 99% of intrusions (virus, spyware, etc.)

  • On the way to becoming NRAO "Standard" apps.

I Want It on my Home/Personal System!

  • Recent versions exist in:
    /home/nraosoft/web/browsers (Firefox, Unix access)
    /home/nraosoft/apps/Thunderbird (Thunderbird, Unix access)
    \\samba-cv\nraosoft\web\browsers (Firefox, Windows access)
    \\samba-cv\nraosoft\apps\Thunderbird (Thunderbird, Windows access)
    (Also samba-gb, samba-aoc, samba-tuc).

  • Or, Get Firefox and Thunderbird yourself; Take Back the Web, and Reclaim your Inbox!

Firefox and Thunderbird
Pat Murphy