[NRAO][TUNA]Past Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks
an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current 
projects or astronomical news

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Fall/Winter 2004
Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, August 3 Becca Percy, Marsha Logan, Lin Qiu
Summer Student Projects
Tuesday, August 10 Dave Stewart, John Kelly, Sarah Jaeggli
Summer Student Projects
Tuesday, August 17 Ken Kellerman
Grote Reber: Amateur or Professional Radio Astronomer?
Tuesday, August 24 Al Wootten
Summary of Banff meeting on Cores, Disks, and Outflows
Tuesday, August 31 Paul Vanden Bout
The North America ALMA Science Center
Tuesday, September 21 Ken Kellerman
An update on the SKA
Tuesday, September 28 Ricardo Schiavon
UVa Astronomy
Detecting Blue Horizontal Branch Stars in Globular Clusters without Color-Magnitude Diagrams
Tuesday, October 5 Marian Pospieszalski
A Short History of Extremely Low-Noise Amplification with Cryogenic FET's and HFET's: 1970-2004 Where Do We Go From Here?
Tuesday, October 12 Dan Harris
Latest news from 3C120 and M87 Jets
Friday, October 15 Zoltan Levay
Data to Pictures: Imaging for Astronomy Outreach
Tuesday, October 19 Kayhan Gultekin
U. of Maryland
Growing IMBHs in Globular Clusters
Tuesday, October 26 Craig Sarazin
UVa Astronomy
What are Radio Sources Made of?
Tuesday, November 2 Alicia Soderberg
A Radio Search for Hyper-energetic Supernovae
Tuesday, November 9 Joeri van Leeuwen
University of British Columbia
Observational Clues about the Nature of the Pulsar Emission Mechanism
Wednesday, November 10 Yutaka Fujita
National Astronomical Observatory, Japan
Strong Turbulence in the Cool Cores of Galaxy Clusters: Can Tsunamis Solve the Cooling Flow Problem?
Tuesday, November 16 Trinh Thuan
UVa Astronomy
Young galaxies in the local universe
Tuesday, November 23 Al Wootteen
Report on The Dusty Universe & U. of Md. Star Formation meetings
Tuesday, November 30 Anne Verbiscer
Saturn's Satellites at True Opposition: The Quest for the Ultimate Albedo
Tuesday, December 7 Gregory Fleishman
Well-Known Synchrotron Emission? Effects of Anisotropy
These talks were organized by Rachel Osten.
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