[NRAO][TUNA]Past Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks
an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current 
projects or astronomical news

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Fall 2002
Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, September 3 Albert Greve
IRAM, France
Does the outflow of M 82 rotate? (Observations at optical and radio mm wavelengths)
Tuesday, September 10 Ken Kellermann
Update on the SKA
Tuesday, September 17 Anne Verbiscer
HST Photometry of Saturnian Satellites
Tuesday, October 1 Short Talks by Local NRAO/UVa Staff/Students
1/2 TUNA: "RadioAstron: Fantasy or Reality" by Ed Fomalont
Tuesday, October 15 Short Talks by Local NRAO/UVa Staff/Students
1/2 TUNA: Update on ALMA by Al Wooten
Wed., October 30
NOTE:Special Day
Dr. Karl Van Bibber
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"A Large-Scale Search for Dark-Matter Axions"
Wednesday, Nov. 13
NOTE:Special Day
Ed Fomalont
Measuring the speed of gravity using the Sept 8 Jupiter-quasar passage
Friday, Nov. 15
NOTE:Special Day
Andrew West
U. of Washington
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey and H-I Rich Galaxies
Tuesday, November 19 Juan Uson
"H-I Observations of UGC 7321"
Tuesday, December 3 H. S. Liszt
"Radiometer Noise and What You Can Do About It"
These talks were organized by Dan Homan, Matt Lister, & Elizabeth Blanton.
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