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an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current 
projects or astronomical news

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Spring/Summer 2002
Date Speaker Topic
Friday, January 4
NOTE:Special Day
Crystal Brogan
VLA Low Frequency Observations of the Galactic Center Flanking Fields
Friday, January 11
NOTE:Special Day
John Silverman
Preliminary results from the Chandra Multiwavelength project (ChaMP): Measuring the X-ray luminosity function of quasars up to z~5.
Tuesday, February 5 Anish Roshi
"Cancellation of TV interference"
Friday, March 8 NOTE:Special Day Svetlana Jorstad
Boston University
"The Extremely Superluminal Jets of Gamma-Ray Blazars"
Tuesday, March 26 Gianni Tofani
Report on the Sardinia Radiotelescope (SRT)
Tuesday, April 2 Short Talks by Local Staff and Students at
Updates on:
SKA - Ken Kellermann
LOFAR - Bill Cotton
Tuesday, April 9 Short Talks by Local Staff and Students at
First Speaker: Al Wooten on the "Second Workshop on New Concepts for Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Space Astronomy" and "ALMA visits Japan"
Second Speaker: Tony Kerr, "Conference Report on the Terahertz Symposium".
Tuesday, April 16 Caitlin Griffith
University of Arizona
Titan's clouds, rain and seas: The energetics of an exotic system by terrestrial standards.
Tuesday, April 23 Kai Noeske
University of Gottingen
"New Insights into the Global Structure of Blue Compact Dwarf galaxies from deep NIR studies"
Tuesday, April 30 Margo Aller
University of Michigan
"Variability Properties of GPS Sources"
Tuesday, May 7 Jim Condon
Current Star Formation Rate in the Universe
Tuesday, May 21 Short Talks by Local Staff and Students at
First Speaker: Jean-Pierre Devilliers (UVa) on "3D Hydrodynamic Simulations of Disk Instabilities in the Kerr Metric"
Second Speaker: Dan Homan (NRAO) on "The 180 Degree Mis-aligned Radio Jet in PKS 1510-089".
Third Speaker: Al Wooten (NRAO) with a brief reminder of the proposal requirements and deadline for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory.
Tuesday, June 11 John Webber
"Recent Developments at the CDL"
Tuesday, June 25 Matt Lister
"High-Fidelity Space-VLBI Imaging at Last? (or, how to get two satellites for the price of one)"
Tuesday, August 6 Summer Student Researchers
First Talk: "Measuring Frequency Dependent Core Positions in VLBI Jets", Matt Strait, NRAO and Carleton College
Second Talk: "Summer Internship at the CDL", Clay Sheaff, NRAO and University of Nebraska
Third Talk: "Circuit Design and Hardware Construction for a SIS Mixer Test System?", Tim Thacker, NRAO and Virginia Tech
Fourth Talk: "Tools for Analyzing Router Statistics", Tony Kom, NRAO and University of Idaho
Fifth Talk: "Development of an "Era of Reionization" search instrument?", Michelle Casey, NRAO and Smith College
organized by Dan Homan, e-mail: tuna@nrao.edu 
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