Images of Radio Galaxies

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3C31 (NGC383) = B0104+321

3C31 L Band Large Scale (44k GIF)

3C31 L Band Gradient Gradient Image (filaments, jet edges) (35k JPG)

3C31 X Band High Resolution Jet/Counterjet (47k JPG)

3C31 X Band on optical High Resolution Radio/optical Superposition (635 kb PNG)

3C31 Optical Large Scale Optical Field, Radio Source Superposed (67k JPG)

3C66B = B0220+427

3C66B L Band Jets and Plumes (14k JPG)

3C66B Radio/optical Radio/optical superposition (36k JPG)

3C219 = B0917+458

3C219 L Band Whole Source (22k JPG)

3C219 L Band Jet Detail Montage (15k GIF)

Radio/optical Superposition (17k JPG)

3C272.1 = B1222+131 = M84 = NGC4374

M84 low res Radio/optical Superpositions (45k JPG)

3C288 = B1336+391

3C288 XL Band Jet and Inner Lobes (25k JPG)

3C296 = B1414+110 = NGC5532

3C296 L Band Jets and Plumes (28k JPG)

3C296 Radio/optical Radio/optical superposition (78k JPG)

3C353 = B1717-009

3C353 L Band Whole Source (40k GIF)

3C353 X Band Gradient Gradient Image (110k GIF)

3C353 X Band Whole Source, High Resolution (36k GIF)

3C433 = B2121+248

3C433 Radio/optical  Radio and optical data (50k, two JPG images)

B0055+300 = NGC315

NGC315 Radio/optical  Radio and optical data (two JPG images)

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