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Pulsars!I am a staff astronomer at NRAO-Charlottesville (and a Research Professor in the Astronomy Dept at UVA) specializing in pulsar research.  In particular, I search for exotic pulsars (such as binary and/or millisecond pulsars or MSPs) and then time them, using their atomic clock-like rotational characteristics to probe as much basic physics or astrophysics as possible.  Recently I've gotten very interested in the direct detection of gravitational waves using MSPs.  Here in North America that effort is called NANOGrav.

Prior to August 2004, I was a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University in Montreal in Vicky Kaspi's pulsar group.  Before that, I was a graduate student in the Harvard Astronomy Dept. If you are interested (or extremely bored), you can read my thesis here.

PRESTO is the suite of pulsar search and analysis software (written in C and Python) that I wrote, maintain, and use.  You can get it and some other software on github.

Jim Condon and I are teaching the UVA graduate Radio Astronomy Course (Astro5340) and our lecture notes are on the web (Essential Radio Astronomy).

I'm the project scientist for GUPPI, the best damn pulsar instrument in the world.  The GBT Pulsar Spigot
is the pulsar instrument that I used to be responsible for (may it RIP).

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Feb 2006:  Terzan 5 with the NTT (ESO) Oct 2005:
Feb 2005:  Two more MSPs (Z and aa) in Terzan 5 make 26 total!
Jan 2005:
  We've used the GBT to find 21 new binary and millisecond pulsars in globular cluster Terzan 5.
    Here is the abstract and full text of the Science paper.
Aug 2004:
  Moved to Charlottesville from Montreal.

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