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Project links:
* Current GBT surface error budget (Oct 2009)
* Other GBT-related stuff (including holography, phase monitor, LRF, tipper, and photogrammetry)
* ngVLA CSV   ngVLA memo series   VLA memo series   EVLA Memos

weather: Singleton Charlottesville Green Bank Socorro Santiago

Useful links:
* SSL certificate checker
* translation table between bash and (t)csh commands
* My old CfA webpage * The CfA Receiver lab webpage
* Check your IP address
* Chicken 2.2b3
* Regular expression tester
* Todd's list of useful software for Linux
* My mm/submm spectral line page (links to line catalogs and line survey papers)
* Military alphabet   * ASCII alphabet
* The Periodic Table of the Elements   with atomic mass
* MacOSX

Useful web tools:
* Magnitude to janksy converter   Sun/Moon az/el calculator
* DSL speed test
* An online PS to PDF converter that usually does what you want
* Calendar conversion between MJD/JD and Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute
* Epoch converter: unixtime to Month-day-year-hour-minute-second (GMT)
* Current MJD and DOY from USNO   UTM converter
* Base 64 file decoder
* Flux conversion tool at gemini
* Calibrator lists: SMA (pol)   ALMA (old AIV wiki DSO wiki)   Denis' plots   Antonio's pages VLASS
* Calibrator lists: VLA   VLA at (github   search)   VLBA   VLA/VLBA polcal: pre-2010   current   ATCA   ICRF2   ICRF3   Petrov_2019b
* VLBI image catalogs: Goddard   Bordeaux
* SMA eng plots   SMA Passband Visualization Tool (model antenna YouTube movie)
* Solar System Live
* Calculate the distance between major cities
* Where is the space station at this moment?
* Sun's Java Web Start demo page
* instructions for using Sun Java on Fedora 11 or Fedora 12 with alternatives utility