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an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current 
projects or astronomical news

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Spring 2004
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, January 12 Danie Liang
Atmospheric Photochemistry on close-in extrasolar giant planets
Tuesday, January 13 Bob O'Connell
UVa Astronomy Department
Super Star Clusters
Tuesday, January 20 Brian Glendenning
ALMA Software
Tuesday, February 10 David McDavid
The Polarization of Achernar
Tuesday, March 9 Greg Black
UVA Astronomy Dept.
Liquids on Titan
Tuesday, March 23 Ellen Bouton
What Should We Save? Archives at NRAO
Wednesday, March 24 Heino Falcke
Radio Obs. Westerbork
Detection of Radio Pulses from Cosmic Ray Airshowers with LOPES (LOFAR Prototype Station)
Tuesday, March 30 Roger Chevalier
Neutron stars, pulsar wind nebulae, and their supernovae
Wednesday, April 7 John Wilson
UVa Astronomy Department
Triplespec Project: building three near-identical survey follow-up NIR spectrographs for 5-10 meter telescopes
Tuesday, April 20 Rick Fisher
Radio Astronomy in the Aircraft Navigation Band -- 962 to 1213 MHz
Tuesday, April 27 Richard Binzel
The New Horizons Mission to Pluto
Tuesday, May 4 Erik Rosolowsky
UC Berkeley
Molecular Clouds in the Local Group and the Power of Stamp Collecting
Tuesday, May 11 Poonam Chandra
Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
Tiny Supernovae at Large Wavelengths
Tuesday, May 18 Mark Whittle
UVa Astronomy Dept.
Primal Scream: The Sound of the CMB
Tuesday, May 25 Rachel Osten
What We Can Learn from Studying Stellar Flares (That We Can't from Solar Flares)
Tuesday, July 13 Thomas Zurbuchen and Chris Ruf
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Solar Physics and Fourier Synthesis Microwave Radiometry at the University of Michigan
Tuesday, July 27 Carlos Kelly, Lynnae Quick
Summer Student Projects
Tuesday, August 3 Becca Percy, Marsha Logan, Lin Qiu
Summer Student Projects
Tuesday, August 10 Dave Stewart, John Kelly, Sarah Jaeggli
Summer Student Projects
Tuesday, August 24 Al Wootten
Summary of Banff meeting on Cores, Disks, and Outflows
Tuesday, August 31 Paul Vanden Bout
The North America ALMA Science Center
these talks were organized by Rachel Osten, Henrique Schmitt, & Elizabeth Blanton.
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