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Scientific Program and Presentations

Download: Abstracts and Program Book (PDF)

Presentations in bold face are available for download.


Thursday, January 12th

18:30 - 20:30Meeting Registration/Reception at Courtyard Hotel, Main Street.

Friday, January 13th

08:00First bus departs Courtyard Marriott for NRAO
08:30Second bus departs Courtyard Marriott for NRAO
09:00Fred LoNRAOWelcome
09:05Carlton BaughDurhamThe nature of (sub)millimetre galaxies in hierarchical models [pdf]
09:35David AlexanderIoAThe role of accretion in high-redshift submillimeter galaxies [pdf]
09:55Linda TacconiMPEHigh-resolution millimeter imaging of submillimeter galaxies
11:00Pierre CoxIRAMMolecular Gas in QSO host galaxies [pdf]
11:20Axel WeissMPIfR BonnCO line SEDs of high-z QSOs and submm Galaxies
11:40Lin YanSpitzer Science CenterSpitzer mid-IR spectroscopy of z ~ 2 ULIRGs
12:00CONFERENCE PHOTO - meet in Lobby
13:30Françoise CombesObservatoire de ParisPredicted molecular excitation at high z [pdf]
13:50Michael KaufmanNASA AmesThe Dense ISM in (high-redshift) Starbursts
14:10Gordon StaceyCornellZEUS: The Redshift (z) and Early Universe Spectrometer[pdf]
15:25Jason GlennUniversity of ColoradoZ-Spec: A Dispersive Millimeter-Wave Spectrometer [ppt]
15:55Neal EricksonUniversity of MassachusettsAn Ultra-Wideband Receiver and Spectrometer for 74-110 GHz
16:25Andrew HarrisUniversity of MarylandZpectrometer: An Ultra-wideband Spectrometer for the Green Bank Telescope
16:55Karl MentenMPIfR BonnZ-machine science other than CO [pdf] [astro-ph]
17:15Reception with NRAO Director - NRAO Lobby
18:00First bus departs NRAO for Courtyard Marriott
18:30Second bus departs NRAO for Courtyard Marriott

Saturday, January 14th

08:00First bus departs Courtyard Marriott for NRAO
08:30Second bus departs Courtyard Marriott for NRAO
09:00Andrew BlainCaltech The future of bolometer surveys
09:20Grant WilsonUniversity of MassachusettsCoordinated instruments for source detection and characterization[pdf]
09:40Eva SchinnererMPIA(Sub)millimeter and radio observations of the COSMOS field
10:00Scott ChapmanCaltechOptical spectroscopy of submillimeter galaxies [pdf]
11:05Itziar AretxagaINAOEPhotometric redshifts for submillimeter galaxies
11:25Dominik RiechersMPIACO(1-0) emission from QSO host galaxies beyond redshift 4 [pdf]
11:45Laura HainlineCaltechBeyond the baselines: detecting high-redshift molecular emission with the GBT
12:05Nick ScovilleCaltechRedshift searches with COBRA and the COSMOS survey [pdf]
13:55Min YunUniversity of MassachusettsRedshift determination algorithms from broadband spectroscopic data
14:15Fabian WalterMPIAHigh resolution CO imaging of high redshift QSO host galaxies
14:35Al WoottenNRAOALMA as spectrometer [pdf]
15:50Matt BradfordNASA JPL BLISS on SPICA: charting the history of the far-IR background
16:10Jeremy DarlingUniversity of ColoradoFormaldehyde: a high redshift tracer of pre-starburst molecular gas?
16:30Chris CarilliNRAO Redshifted radio absorption lines: viewing the universe through rose colored glasses
17:15Adrian RussellNRAOValedictory
17:45First bus departs NRAO for Courtyard Marriott
18:15Second bus departs NRAO for Courtyard Marriott

Selected Poster Presentations

Isabella Prandoni A search for molecular gas in low luminosity radio sources
Ian Robson SCUBA-2: a large-scale mapping machine for the JCMT
Jingwen Wu Connecting dense gas tracers of star formation in our Galaxy to high-z star formation
Kecheng Xiao Molecular column densities near the center of the Milky Way


Conference Photo by Jim Condon - Click to enlarge