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  1. Star Cluster in the Tidal Tails of Interacting Galaxies: Cluster Populations Across a Variety of Tail Environments, Mullan, B. et al., 2011, ApJ, 731, 93 (astro-ph/1101.5393)
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  15. Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the Ultracompact Blue Dwarf Galaxy HS0822+3542: An Assembling Galaxy in a Local Void?
    Corbin, M. R., Vacca, W. D., Hibbard, J.E., Somerville, R.S. & Windhorst, R. A. 2005, ApJL, 629, L89 (astro-ph/0507493)
  16. The UV Morphology and Star Formation in the Tidal Tails of NGC 4038/39
    Hibbard et al. 2005, ApJL, 619, L87
  17. The HI Kinematics and Distribution of Four Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
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  18. The Stellar Content of the Southern Tail of NGC 4038/9 and a Revised Distance
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  20. From Globular Clusters to Tidal Dwarfs: Structure Formation in the Tidal Tails of Merging Galaxies
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  25. The Cold & Hot Gas Content of Fine Structure Ellipticals
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  26. The Neutral Hydrogen Distribution in Merging Galaxies: Differences between Optical and Gaseous Tidal Morphologies
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  27. Luminosity Profiles of Merger Remnants
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  34. Mkn 348: a Tidally Disturbed Seyfert Galaxy
    Simkin, van Gorkom, Hibbard & Su 1987, Science 235, 1367 (figures only)

Other On-line Publications

  1. An HI Rogues Gallery
    Hibbard, J.E., van Gorkom, J.H., Rupen, M.P., & Schiminovich, D.S., 2001, in ASP Conf. Ser. 240, "Gas & Galaxy Evolution", eds. J.E. Hibbard, M.P. Rupen, & J.H. van Gorkom, (ASP, San Francisco), 659. Active version of HI Rogues Gallery
  2. The ALMA Region Centers (ARCs), Andreani, P., Hibbard, J., Okumura, S.K., Braatz, J. 2011, The ALMA Newsletter, 8, 12.
  3. Interaction Driven Galaxy Evolution: The Fate of the Cold Gas", talk at Arecibo meeting: "Evolution of Galaxies through the Neutral Hydrogen Window", Arecibo, Feb 1-3 2008
  4. Interaction Driven Galaxy Evolution: the Fate of Gas, Summer Student lecture 2006-2008.
  5. Interaction Driven Galaxy Evolution (pdf, 6.3MB),
    Invited review at STScI Workshop: "Galactic Flows: The Galaxy/IGM Ecosystem, Baltimore MD March 7-9, 2005.
  6. Near-UV Merger Signatures in Early-Type Galaxies, J. R. Martin, R. W. O'Connell, J. E. Hibbard, 2007, in "New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics II, Ultraviolet Properties of Evolved Stellar Populations", Eds M. Chavez, E. Bertone, D. Rosa-Gonzalez and L. H. Rodriguez-Merino (Springer-Verlag). (astro-ph/0707.1793)
  7. Spitzer Imaging of Nearby ULIRGs and their Progeny: Fine-Structure Elliptical Galaxies, Surace, J. A. et al. 2006, in "Extreme Starbursts: Near and Far", eds: Yu Gao & D. B. Sanders, to be published in the special issue of Pub. of PMO (astro-ph/0601066)
  8. The UV Morphology and Star Formation in the Tidal Tails of NGC 4038/39, Hibbard et al. 2005, at 205th meeting of AAS, Jan 9-13, San Diego CA Session 25.07. Pdf of poster (1Mb)
  9. The Antennae Galaxies: Archetype for Colliding Galaxies (links to pdf files of press conference and invited review by J. Hibbard at special topical session on The Antennae, 203rd AAS meeting, Jan 8-9 2004)
  10. Structure Formation in Tidal Tails (pdf of talk) (ps.gz of proceedings)
    Invited review at IAU Symposium 217 "Recycling Intergalactic and Interstellar Matter", of the IAU XXVth General Assembly, Sydney, Australia July 14-17, 2003.
  11. Structure of Merger Remnants: Lessons from Spectral Line Observations
    Invited review at the 2001 Ringberg workshop on ``The Formation and Evolution of Giant Elliptical Galaxies", Schloss Ringberg, Tegernsee, Nov 26-30 2001.
  12. Imaging the Radio Universe
    Public talk given for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History "Frontiers in Astronomy" lecture series, May 20th 2003
  13. Complex Structure of the Superwind-Driven Nebula around the Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy Arp 220
    Ohyama, Taniguchi, Hibbard, Vacca, Yoshida, & Kashikawa, 2001, PASJ, submitted
  14. Do All Mergers Undergo an Ultraluminous Phase?
    Yun & Hibbard, ApJ, submitted 3/26/99
  15. Gaseous Substructure in Tidal Tails (.pdf)
    Invited talk at the 198th American Astronomical Society Topical Session, Interacting Galaxies: A Multi-wavelength Look at their Role in Galactic and Cosmic Evolution, June 5th, 2001 - Pasadena, Ca
  16. Gaseous Substructure in Tidal Tails
    Invited talk at the Saclay Workshop on Tidal Dwarf Galaxies, Feb 26-27 2001, Saclay, France
  17. Spectral Line Observations II: Calibration & Analysis
    Lecture 11 from the NRAO Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy summer school (June 2000, 2002 and 2004)
  18. High Resolution Mapping of the Tidal Dwarf Candidate in NGC 4038/9
    Hibbard & Higdon, 2001, poster contribution to ``Gas & Galaxy Evolution'', May 21-25, Socorro, NM (ASP Conf. Series Vol. 240)
  19. From Globular Clusters to Tidal Dwarfs: Structure Formation in Tidal Tails
    Charlton, Knierman, Hunsberger, Gallagher, Whitmore, Kundu, & Hibbard in Celebrating 10 Years of HST (astro-ph/0009196)
  20. From Globular Clusters to Tidal Dwarfs: Structure Formation in Tidal Tails
    Knierman, Hunsberger, Gallagher, Charlton, Whitmore, Hibbard, Kundu, & Zaritsky, slide show from 2000 winter meeting of AAS.
  21. Mergers of Galaxies from an HI Perspective
    invited review at the 15th meeting of the Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris, ``Galaxy Dynamics: from the Early Universe to the Present", July 9-13 1999.
  22. Interaction and Merger Induced Star Formation
    invited review at the 7th annual Maryland Conference ``Star Formation, Near and Far", Oct 14-16 1996.
  23. Tidal HI in Merging Galaxies
    invited talk at Aspen Workshop, June 17-31, 1996.
  24. HI in Luminous IR Galaxies
    Hibbard & Yun 1996, in Cold Gas in High Redshift, Bremer et al. eds.
  25. The Fate of Gas in Merging Galaxies
    Thesis, Columbia University, Feb 1995

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